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General information of Trust

Shri Navsari Paschim Vibhag Koli Samaj Kalyankari Trust (Maturasantha) born in 2001 by loving Koli Samaj community residing in the Navsari Paschim Vibhag (22 Villages of West Kantha Vibhag) for the Navsari-region of Gujarat to bring in social upliftment of community in general & rural community in particular through the spread of health and educational activities. Trust provides education at all levels through its network of educational & professional fields by providing them scholarships & suitable placements.

The trust is managed by Shri Narayanbhai P. Patel, Chairman & Managing trustee. The Institute is administred by an experienced and well versed Principal Dr. M L Das who is having 31 years of experience in industry & academic.

  • Trustee

  • Sr. no. Name of Trustee Designation
    1 Shri Narayanbhai Parbhubhai Patel Chairman & Managing Trustee
    2 Shri Prahladbhai Harischandra Patel Secretary
    3 Shri Bharatbhai Ravjibhai Patel Trustee Member
    4 Shri Ratilal Bhikhubhai Patel Trustee Member
    5 Mrs. Ramaben Ratilal Patel Trustee Member
    6 Shri Ashvinbhai Narayanbhai Patel Trustee Member
    7 Mrs. Bhanuben Narayanbhai Patel Trustee Member
    8 Shri Jitendrabhai Narayanbhai Patel Trustee Member
    9 Mrs. Varshaben Jitendra Patel Trustee Member
    10 Shri Kantibhai (Kantu) Bhikhabhai Patel Trustee Member
    11 Shri Tusharbhai Ashvinbhai Patel Chief Executive
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Social And Health Activities Of The Trust

The trust is also involved in keeping up Social & Health activities among the member belonging to the trust. The trust gives Ambulance and Sabvahini as emergency service for villages coming under the trust and it has conducted eye camp & Medical Camp. These activities evoked good responce from the members of the villages. Every year during Navratri Festival the trust through its Mahila Mandal Organises Garba competition among 22 villages coming under the trust.