To become a world class, globally competitive, flexible and learning higher education institutions responsive to the individual, institutional and social developmental needs of the people of India. The institute will provide platform to meet the global challenges.We hold that knoweldge must reflect from the personality of our students.


To Provide Industry Oriented Technical Education to Rural Students through Excellent Teaching and Learning, Interaction with Industry and Continual Improvement of People Process.

- Excellent Teaching - Theoretical, Analytical and Practical Knowledge.
- Academic Excellence - Marks and Percentage of Pass on Board Examination.
- Personality Development by improving communication and other extra curricular skills.
- Developing integrity through conduct, character, discipline and high value system.
- Providing better placement through continuous interaction with industry and the alumni.
- Teaching to innovate - Winners don't do different things; they do things differently.
- Networking-Networking of class, laboratories, Libraries and Internet.